Daaji’s Teaching – Learning Tips

  • Create interest and the ability to observe things.
  • Faculty and Parents have to stimulate children to observe things and come to some conclusion.
  • Farm work, field work, goshala visit etc to be offered along with regular curriculum.
  • When hunger and happiness to learn is created, children will not feel they are in a classroom.
  • Build essential life skills, which are also a spiritual task, and from sixth onwards slowly prepare them for Examinations.
  • To become effective learners children to always stay ahead of the class by two or three chapters in the textbook.
  • The art of learning has to be taught, so that students will always be absorbing newer things.
  • There is no point in feeding information every day.
  • Something much more is required than feeding information.

And what is that? Interest.
To my heart, it is:
To create interest
That fire in children,
The restlessness to learn more,
To become something worthwhile.