Envisioning the Heartfulness Learning Centre

‘A new race is dawning on the horizon. It is mutating and preparing

the new era. This race will not get bogged down by excesses of all sorts.

These distant times are inexorably in the offing.

Pray for the advent of the better world ’.

~ Babuji Maharaj

We are responsible for fostering the great prestige of the Source we belong to.

The heart of education is the ‘Education of the Heart’. The heart is where the currents of being and becoming, of what we are and of what we are yet to become, meet. The heart encompasses loving and living, feeling and knowing, thinking and doing and is our access to one another and to the divine. Our heart is thus the frontier of our destiny. And an educational pursuit that places the heart at its epicenter is what humanity needs right now.

Magnificent in its conception, tranquil in its atmosphere, Kanha blends the beauty and richness of nature with a spiritually charged environment. At the heart of this sacred environment is envisioned a spiritual sanctuary for children called ‘the Heartfulness Learning Centre’. The pure, heartful, meditative energy permeates the whole space and like osmosis will flow and fill the hearts of the children who will live, learn, work and play here.

The school aims to integrate the wisdom and rich traditions of our ancient land with the scientific, innovative and contemporary methods of the west thereby preparing children to meet the demands of this modern world and yet be strongly anchored in themselves.

Education is not only the process of learning and acquiring knowledge. The real value of education rests in observation. We cannot merely ask children to observe, but give them the opportunity and the means for this observation and these means are through the education of the senses and education by experience. If an egg is broken by an outside force life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force life begins. Great things happen from the inside. Young children who are tender and are still forming can be either broken with forces from outside or can be inspired by impulses from within. In an environment such as this, one can only imagine that these inner forces will be protected, fed and nurtured thus enabling real blossoming of the latent spirit that each child is born with.