Unique Educational Programs at THLC

Gitopadesh Curriculum:

It was a clarion call from Daaji that the message Of Bhagavad Gita should be made available to children from an early age to evoke their spiritual Capacity.


Thus, Gitopadesh, a spiritual values education program, took birth in the lap of Kanha campus by His will and touching all parts of the world. HeartfulnessEducation Trust has designed a signature course “Gitopadesh” to impart spiritual values to children, youth and adults to spread the timeless magic of Bhagavadgita. Gitopadesh has been touching the hearts of many families all over the world since its inception by creating a silent egregore where children, youth and adults are becoming more centered and conscious by imbibing the teachings of Gita.

Gitopadesh, with its unique pedagogy with well defined learning outcomes, enables inquiry based learning through which the learners absorb the timeless magic and essence of Gita along with recitation of slokas. This initiative by THLC guide and tune the young minds to the song of Divine by throwing light to the students in their daily life situations, spiritual nourishment and progress during their school education phase.